Picture this: You’ve been happily married for ten years and you cozy up to your spouse on the sofa after a long day. You glance up above the fireplace mantle and see the original painting of you both together on your wedding day. The memories rush back to you as you reminisce on the happiest day of your life surrounded by music, dancing, laughter, and family. Your house guests still remember (and talk about) watching the artist capture the moment in the painting you now proudly display in your home.

Live event painting is becoming a popular form of entertainment at wedding receptions that gives the couple something to cherish for the rest of their lives!

Here’s how it works: Artist Steph Moraca arrives approximately one hour prior to the start of the scheduled painting scene time to set up her easel and begin to capture the elements of the room on canvas. As guests walk by, they are eager to see what the artist is working on! Ms. Moraca continues to paint the scene, adding the wedding couple during a specific moment of the night- for example, cutting the cake, sharing their first dance, or toasting to the guests at their table. Steph Moraca will interact with guests in a positive manner to keep them entertained and excited about the painting throughout the evening! The painting is completed in further detail in the artist’s studio following the event and is delivered or shipped to the client up to 17 weeks later.



All Packages Include:



  • Live Painting on 16"x20"x1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas
  • Wedding couple + background painted in detail
  • 25+ hours of studio painting time to complete the piece
  • Painting delivered or shipped to couple up to 9 weeks following the reception date



  • Live Painting on 18"x24"x1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas
  • Wedding couple + background painted in detail
  • 35+ hours of studio painting time to complete the piece
  • Painting delivered or shipped to couple up to 12 weeks following the reception date



  • Live Painting on 24"x36"x1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas
  • Wedding couple + background painted in detail
  • 60+ hours of studio painting time to complete the piece
  • Painting delivered or shipped to couple up to 17 weeks following reception date



  • Would you like to change the canvas size, add additional detailed guests into the painting, or purchase art reproduction prints of the completed painting?
  • Choose the custom package option to modify an existing package to your specific needs!


I see a lot pertaining to live painting for weddings. Is this only for weddings?


Live event painting is a great form of entertainment not only at weddings, but at any special event. Corporate parties, bar and bat mitzvah's, family reunions, charity golf outings, or any large event make the perfect occasion for live event painting. Your guests will get a great form of entertainment, and you will get a unique, eternalized memory.

Why should I choose live painting at my wedding or event?


Your guests will love it!  Live painting is just beginning to break out as a popular form of entertainment at weddings, so they will remember it!  You also receive a beautiful, original painting on canvas to display in your home and remember the feeling of your special day. If you book live painting for a corporate event, the painting may be donated to raise money for a charitable cause at the end of the event.

What does live painting offer that a photographer can’t capture?


Live painting captures the feeling of the day in a way photography and digital editing cannot. The artist can place people into the painting aesthetically, even if they aren't physically there, and focus the piece on the bride and groom.  The artist can also change certain features in the background (i.e. make the leaves more autumn-colored, make the room brighter, make the sky more clear/sunny, etc). Live painting is also entertaining and exciting for guests to observe!

What materials do you need for the event?


The artist simply needs a 5x5' open space and a nearby outlet for lighting during a live painting event. The venue or a planner typically arranges this prior to the event.  Artist Steph Moraca brings the paint, canvas, easels, brushes, lighting, and cleaning materials. If the venue requires a drop cloth to be placed on the floor in the painting area, she has one available.

What about the Cancellation Policy?


A non-refundable installment of 25% of package cost is due upon booking your live painting event. The remaining 75% payment is due one week prior to the event date. If the event is cancelled less than 7 days before the event but greater than 48 hours prior to the event, the 75% payment will be refunded to the client. Refunds are not available for cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled live painting event.

I already got married and I missed out on this opportunity!  How can I get a wedding painting from you?


Artist Steph Moraca can create a custom commissioned painting from one of your wedding photos!

Order Commission

What does the artist wear for live painting events?


Artist Steph Moraca typically dresses in semi-formal or dressy casual attire (i.e. a knee length black dress), and will wear a smock over her clothing while painting. She puts forth her best effort to match the dress code expected at the event.

Are taxes and shipping included in the pricing above?


Shipping or delivery of the completed painting is included in the package pricing, however 7% sales tax is NOT included in the pricing and will be added to the package price.

How far does the artist travel for a live painting event?


Artist Steph Moraca is eager to travel from her Pittsburgh, PA art studio across the United States for your wedding or event! There are no additional travel costs for event venues located in the Pittsburgh, PA region. Travel costs for  venues located outside of the Pittsburgh area vary from $150 to $1,000, depending on the event location.  Fill out the request form below find out the added travel cost for your venue location.

Note: For the 2025 season, Artist Steph Moraca is only performing live painting at venues within 4 hours drive of Pittsburgh, PA.

I have a deceased family member or friend and it would mean a lot to me if I could include them in my painting.  Is this possible?


Absolutely!  Artist Steph Moraca can include deceased friends or family members to a wedding painting as if they were right there with you.  These people would be added to the painting AFTER the live painting session (from the artist’s studio) by referencing photos of them provided by the client.  It is very helpful to have multiple reference photos that accurately show the deceased person(s) face, full figure, and height in comparison to the wedding couple.

Adding specific guests to the painting other than the wedding couple will incur additional costs of $40 per person.

past event paintings


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